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classic lash | full set 150
The pick-me-up from you natural look.

hybrid lash | full set 170 
The sweet spot between Classics and Volumes.

signature db | full set 180
Our signature wispy lash set, cute & sexy.

wet lash | full set 180 
The pick-me-up from you natural look.

strip lash | full set 190 
Your favourite pair of falsies made easy.

volume lash | full set 190 
The pick-me-up from you natural look.

mega volume | full set 200 
The pick-me-up from you natural look.


set change | 10 
Refills of another lash style are subjected to +$10. Dear Beauty does not offer foreign fills.

lash refill | 100 
Lash extensions must be 40% full after removing outgrown lashes to be considered a refill. Refills should be booked 3-4 weeks after your lash appointment.

coloured lashes | 10+ 
Add a pop of colour to your lash set. All colours available. 

lash removal | 20
We know you’ve been missing a good eye rub. Removals are free with every full set. 

permanent makeup

ombré brows | initial set 300
Powder ombré is the look of makeup that fades from dark to light. Comes in different densities from bold, medium, soft. Lasts up to 3 years but requires annual touch up. 

nano brows | initial set 300
Nano means strokes that are done with a a single-needle and a machine. The benefits with nano strokes is it is less damaging, and lasts longer than regular microblading.

brow touch up

– 6-12 month touch-up | 150
– 13-24 month touch-up | 200
For current clients only. 


lash lift | 90
Organic lash lift to give your natural lashes a 6 week lift. Lash tint included.

brow lamination | 90
Organic brow lift to create a bolder and fluffier look to your brows to last up to 6 weeks. Brow tint included.